Effectively Managing Too Many Desktops & Screens on Mac OS X

BToo Many Virtual Desktopseing able to create virtual desktops can increase productivity significantly. With multiple virtual desktops per monitor and people opting to use more displays as technology allows it (MacBook Pro Retina has 2 Thunerbolt and 1 HDMI port, along with a damn nice retina display and the possiblity of daisy-chaining displays and buying external adapters to add even more screens) the complexity of managing so much screen real estate may come at the cost of some productivity.

How Much is Too Much?

Can’t have enough, as long as it’s managed properly, but it also depends on what you do and the specs of your machine. It’s great that Apple is relatively recently allowing you to add more than one external display to your Macbook Pro so easily, they hinder resources by soldering on the amount of RAM in those machines. Terrible. Even with 32 GB of RAM, an iMac and 3 external displays, I didn’t feel like I had enough. Now down to an i5 Macbook Pro Retina with 8 GB of RAM and 3 screens with 4 virtual desktops (1 for each screen, so 12 desktops in total),